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  • Grazed Co. and Holy Smoke Nick bring you the third installment of the Trapped In The Whop series, starring Yung Gleesh, 7th Floor Villains, Kelow, 30Whop and more.  

    On a blistering night in February some of the areas hottest acts were under one roof in DC completely fucking shit up. 30Whop put on with 3rdiiiUth, Rezt, Mike of Doom,  Aceology and OGK making his debut performance. Yung Gleesh headlined this affair with a legendary performance of his newest cult classic ‘Water’ amongst other favorites in his catalog like ‘Please’ an ‘Work’. The 7th Floor Villains came from Baltimore with a rare set highlighting Butch Dawson’s latest drops, while M.I.L.F came through with a slew of wild posse numbers. Overall it was another epic Whop party an certainly won’t be the last. 

    Rezt - Flickted

    Prod. Sarafis Midas

    Remember when everyone said Flickted? Remember when Whop was just a word? Remember the first time Sarafis Midas an Rezt teamed up? Check out this banger Flickted.

    OGK - #HOWiDO feat. LS Jayzu$

    #CampaignOGKOutTheCut is under way as OGK releases a steady stream of singles to cap off a new year. One of the young masterminds of the 30Whop collective, OGK excels at both art an music an uses tools to create a dynamic package of an artist. Word around the Whop is he’s prepping a debut EP with Baetoven but until then he he’s amassing an impressive catalog.

    Yo Bizzy - Gettin It

    Prod. Yo Bizzy | Directed. by Rapper The Producer

    Fresh off releasing his trunk rattling Trapademixxx tape, the BizzGod drops the perfect visual to accompany music that sounds like a wild night in a time machine. Gettin It finds Bizzy riding in the whip with plenty OSP cameos over a self produced hypnotic soundscape that bumps like its fresh out of Memphis. The tape follows down this path with nods to 90s Miami bass, The Neptunes an bling-era Cash Money with his own blend of nostalgic wonder an futuristic swagger. Check it out


    Mike of Doom - New Whop Order

    Mike of Doom releases this bomb of a statement that says so many things it speaks for itself.

    Banrond - $ETO KIABA MONEY

    Prod. RVSHI

    Banrond is coming out the gate strong dropping his second single of the year. His latest drop is probably his strongest to date with a fresh hunger in his voice over a undeniablely dope RVSHI production. A nod to the rich anti-hero of the Yugi-Oh series Seto Kiaba propels the track as an ode to all things baller an grand. Whop shit. Check out his first drop of the year Gary Oak with Iceburg Jettson

    Grazed Co and 30Whop presents:

    In collaboration with Holy Smoke Nick, GRZD curated a dynamic roster of artists to perform at the highly anticipated Trapped In The Whop 2. This mix acts as a playlist to highlight some of the featured artists and continue to spread good art. Check out that official GRZD premiere of the DMGotham remix with Steezy Grizzlies an Johny Locus alongside new music from 3rdiiiUth, Iceburg Jettson, Mike of Doom and more.

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