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  • Shaboozey - Jeff Gordon

    Prod. by Trip Dixon

    Shaboozey may be a new name to many, but if he keeps releasing next-level singles like Jeff Gordon an his previous Orthodontist, Shaboozey will be at the top of your radar. Propelled by a menacing keyboard sample, Jeff Gordon combines the effectiveness of BMF-esque persona rap, with the elevated paranaio of Sh!t. Not to say that this song is derivative of any previously styles, because no one can flex endorsements like Shaboozey. Well, other than Jeff Gordon of course. Check out his previous visual for Orthodonist below.

    Mike of Doom feat. Dark Nimbus x Ragz Bastard of 3rdiiiUth


    [Prod. by Eddy Braveau x Frost The Wave God

    With his next project 'The Campaign' on the horizon Mike of Do- excuse me, Mayor Whop releases this cannon of a track with his 3rdiiiWhop cohorts. Originally released as a Uth single, this track disappeared from the Web shortly after being released. But after several eye-opening hardcore-punk reminiscent performances of COLLISION! it was obvious that this track needed to be released to the masses. An epic 2-part banger, produced by the Florida tandem of Eddy Braveau & Frost The Wave God, COLLISION! is the first preview of the Mayor’s newest release. 

    Black Kray feat. Young L - Depre$$ed Oceans

    [Prod. by Purrpdogg]

    Following the viral success of the original ‘Depre$$ed Oceans' from Goth Money's own Black Kray, Young L decides to hop on the track with his own flair. Previously released in 2013, this undeniably catchy number still holds weight with a hook an beat formula that could turn a naysayer to a Goth in about 30 seconds. Young L of The Pack fame adds a sense of West Coast cool to bring it all together. Check out Kray’s newest visual for  ’92 Lexusthat just dropped today also. City of Doves tape on the way.


    [Prod. By Rapper The Producer]

    3-0 Whop drops another anthem today coming from OGK (@OGKeelo) inspiring people to stop ‘loafin’. 'Loafin' is a DMV coined term which essentially means wasting time or bullshitting. Loafin is a widespread epidemic but with the help of OGK that shit should change. Artwork done by GRZD with production from RapperTheProducer. All these elements come together to create a track that will surely motivate even the loafest of loafs. OGK’s BAEGK EP should crash shores with this summer with his ArtShow full length to follow. Whop.

    Grazed Co. and Holy Smoke Nick bring you the third installment of the Trapped In The Whop series, starring Yung Gleesh, 7th Floor Villains, Kelow, 30Whop and more.  

    On a blistering night in February some of the areas hottest acts were under one roof in DC completely fucking shit up. 30Whop put on with 3rdiiiUth, Rezt, Mike of Doom,  Aceology and OGK making his debut performance. Yung Gleesh headlined this affair with a legendary performance of his newest cult classic ‘Water’ amongst other favorites in his catalog like ‘Please’ an ‘Work’. The 7th Floor Villains came from Baltimore with a rare set highlighting Butch Dawson’s latest drops, while M.I.L.F came through with a slew of wild posse numbers. Overall it was another epic Whop party an certainly won’t be the last. 

    Rezt - Flickted

    Prod. Sarafis Midas

    Remember when everyone said Flickted? Remember when Whop was just a word? Remember the first time Sarafis Midas an Rezt teamed up? Check out this banger Flickted.

    OGK - #HOWiDO feat. LS Jayzu$

    #CampaignOGKOutTheCut is under way as OGK releases a steady stream of singles to cap off a new year. One of the young masterminds of the 30Whop collective, OGK excels at both art an music an uses tools to create a dynamic package of an artist. Word around the Whop is he’s prepping a debut EP with Baetoven but until then he he’s amassing an impressive catalog.

    Yo Bizzy - Gettin It

    Prod. Yo Bizzy | Directed. by Rapper The Producer

    Fresh off releasing his trunk rattling Trapademixxx tape, the BizzGod drops the perfect visual to accompany music that sounds like a wild night in a time machine. Gettin It finds Bizzy riding in the whip with plenty OSP cameos over a self produced hypnotic soundscape that bumps like its fresh out of Memphis. The tape follows down this path with nods to 90s Miami bass, The Neptunes an bling-era Cash Money with his own blend of nostalgic wonder an futuristic swagger. Check it out


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